With its strong commitment to social responsibility in promoting sustainable development, and responsive to the needs of the country, KEPCO Philippines incorporates community service in all its activities.

KEPCO’s strong commitment to its corporate social responsibility is attested by the number of beneficiaries of its Philippine subsidiaries. From 2001 – 2010, KEPCO Philippines has electrified a total of 760 barangays, for a total cost of 14 Million US Dollars. KEPCO Philippines community support projects, which cost 2.6 Million US Dollars, have benefited a total of 910,000 individuals, through medical assistance, scholarships, and community facility projects.

Through the “management of sharing,” KEPCO Philippines forges strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with communities and stakeholders, while ensuring the attainment of the Company’s business goals.

KEPCO Philippines, as a responsible corporate citizen, considers Corporate Social Responsibility as an essential and integral part of doing business.

People Empowement
Barangay Electrification