Project Development Manager


   Business Development Group

 Job Highlights

 - Competitive salary and work benefit package

 - Career and network advancement

 - Promotes healthy and balanced work-life habits

 Job Description

 - Develops and explores business opportunities, projects, partnerships and/or investments based
   on KPHI’s business development requirements

 - Provides active participation in securing and negotiating Power Supply Agreements, including
   participation in Competitive Selection Process and/or Green Energy Auction Program,
   whichever is applicable

 - Provides proactive, transparent and in-depth financial analysis in order to enhance a project’s profitability

 - Ensures the efficient and effective management of and timely completion of all activities related
   to project development in compliance with statutory requirements and/or KPHI’s internal approvals

 - Develops and maintains profession al relations with industry stakeholders,
   government/regulatory bodies, and potential business partners

 - Maintains professional conduct, confidentiality and ethical standards

 - Other duties and responsibilities related, similar to or incidental with the foregoing

 Detailed Qualifications

 - With Post Graduate/Master’s Degree and passed corresponding board or licensure exam.
 - At least ten (10) years of working experience in power project development 

 - With excellent negotiation skills and good understanding of project financing pertinent to power industry
 - Good understanding of laws, rules and regulations pertinent to the power industry
 - Track record in dealing with industry stakeholders, government / regulatory bodies, and potential partners
 - Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
 - Outstanding interpersonal skills
 - Must be willing to travel

 Important Note:    This position is available as Fixed Term Employment for 12 months, subject to extension 


 Kindly email your Curriculum Vitae with photo using "Application for Project DevelopmentManager" as subject to vive.deguzman [at]