Our Company

A globally competitive and leading electric utility provider, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - which recently ranked in the 2016 Forbes Global 2000 as the world’s top electric utility, expanded its operations to the Philippines in 1995, in response to the Philippine Government’s calls to develop and utilize the country’s indigenous resources and augment its power supply.

Since its entry into the Philippine power industry, KEPCO Philippines now provides approximately thirteen percent (13%) of the total installed generation capacity in the country.

To date, KEPCO Philippines continues to break new grounds to help meet the country’s growing power demand.

KEPCO’s significant contributions in the efforts to provide stable, reliable and adequate power supply in the Philippines have earned the company a major position in the local energy industry, and its outstanding performance validates the company’s established track record in technological excellence and global competitiveness in electric power management. 

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

An established authority in energy management and technical excellence and in its desire to be the best Energy Company in the Philippines, KEPCO Philippines continues to provide reliable and self-sufficient power supply for sustainable economic growth and social stability in the Philippines. KEPCO Philippines also endeavors to increase shareholder value through the reliability of its facilities and stability of operations and ensure management efficiency, through continuous process improvement.

Our Mission

To provide quality, reliable, and environment friendly energy at best value to customers and to contribute to Philippine society by enhancing its energy sector and promoting sustainable community development. 

Our Assets