Naga Power Plant Complex

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The Naga Power Plant Complex — located in Naga, Cebu — comprises five power plant units: the 43.8 MW Cebu Diesel Power Plant (CDPP); the 105 MW Cebu Thermal Power Plant 1 & 2 (CTPP1 & CTPP2); and the 55 MW Land-Based Gas Turbine Plants 1 & 2 (LBGT1 and LBGT2). 

The plants have a guaranteed net capacity of 185.8 MW. The plant complex serves the Visayas Grid with the CTPP1 and CTPP2 holding half of the capacity of the power grid in terms of coal-power production. 

KEPCO's participation in the Naga Power Plant Complex started in February 2006 when it acquired 40% of the total outstanding capital stock of Salcon Power Corportation , now SPC Power Corporation (SPC) which owns the 203.8 MW plant complex. SPC is an affiliate of the Salcon Group of Companies,  a multi-million business network engaged in energy development, power generation & distribution, water & environment engineering, industrial and agro-industrial engineering, engineering equipment & material sales in countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines through its subsidiaries and affiliates.

SPC was established in 1994 after a consortium led by Salcon Philippines, Inc. won the contract to Rehabilitate-Operate-Manage & Maintain (ROMM) the Naga Power Plant Complex.